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who is whitehawk

Who is Whitehawk?

Whitehawk is the collective consciousness of past, present and future wisdom. The essence of non-physical energy. They have come to help raise the consciousness of humanity so that we can live the life we chose before we arrived. Amplifying with clarity our passion and purpose.

Delve into the heart of your existence to uncover your true purpose.

How Does Whitehawk Speak?

Allan Herring channels Whitehawk

Whitehawk speaks through Allan Herring, a channel, a healer and a compassionate human being.

Allan has been conversing with Whitehawk for 10 years now and has recently opened up to channeling so that others can connect with the wisdom of this non-physical experience.

Whitehawk sends messages of love and understanding but also helps us to move forward in our lives so that we can take our lives to the next level and live in harmony and love, making conscious inspired decisions.

What does the Wisdom of Whitehawk mean for you?

Reignite your Inner Flame
See your Path with new Eyes
Harness your Inner Power
Move Towards your Dreams
Define your True Purpose
Bolster your Confidence