Finding Who You Really Are & Making the Connection

Have you ever wondered who you really are? You know, the person on the inside without the personality traits or the long-ago adopted habit patterns. Without the gnawing self-talk that threatens to defeat each one of us. There is so much that threatens our peace of mind and our stability on a daily basis. We’re constantly being thrown off course emotionally as if by design so that we don’t know who we really are anymore.

People we have known for a long time tend to treat us how they remember us, warts and all. Sometimes that’s a good thing and at other times not so much. That brings us to the conclusion that we are who others think we are and that is endorsed by how they treat us.

Who you Really Are at a Soul Level

But is that who we really are at a soul level?

Are we all our habits and patterns that we’ve taken on since being born on this planet?

The answer is no. An emphatic no. Who you really are is so much more than what people see. And often we don’t even want to act in a certain way but others draw that out of us as an involuntary reaction. Who we really are is a much deeper and more satisfying version of who we are now.

And that’s why, with the help of Whitehawk we are always helping people move towards a better version of themselves. Their next level life. I mean, why settle for a lesser version of yourself when there is so much more available?

What’s Holding Who You Really Are Back?

It’s in your habits, your goals, how you feel about where you are, your reactions to others and the dreams you no longer believe in. Your lesser self believes in lack and scarcity, in pain and suffering and in the unfairness of society. That’s not who you really are but it is what holds you back.

It’s when you get out of your head that you can begin to stop perpetuating the habits of the past. The past will keep you a slave as it regurgitates old beliefs and negative values with which to make future decisions.

Memories Can Hinder Finding Who You Really Are

It’s when you make a decision based on the emotion of what’s happened in the past that you create a future that is just like the past. It may have different characters or even be in another country, but it’s more of the same because it feels the same. And that’s how you perpetuate the past.

There is an old fable about a man who was leaving a village not because he needed to but because he wanted to expand his horizons. He was a happy person who had many loving friends but wanted to move beyond his comfort zone into the unknown. (I know, that’s scary for most of us) As he was leaving, he met a traveler on the outskirts of the city who was arriving who asked of the man “What are the people like there?” Nodding to the city the man was leaving. And the wise man leaving answered “What were the people like where you came from?” “They were thieves, liars and layabouts” he sneered and the other man gently answered “They’re like that here too.”

You see, you take yourself with you wherever you go and that’s how the past repeats itself. When you expect people to act in a certain way you end up finding those who do and that only endorses the belief that you were right. There are thieves and liars in every city, but they don’t need to cross your path.

Creator of Who You Really Are

But what if rather than being just right about this, you actually created it? From how you feel to the situation to the people who fulfilled that role for you.

We have a neighbor who was in a relationship she wanted to escape from and it took her 18 months but finally she did leave. She now lives on her own. But she has trouble with other neighbors, she doesn’t trust the people she works with and is always looking for somebody to back her up in her thinking. You see, it wasn’t the relationship that was the problem, it was that she was the same person in each relationship, whether romantic or not. And you’ll always attract the best situation for your growth. Every single time.

But you’re here because you don’t want to be the culmination of past habits. You don’t want to repeat the past. And you probably feel as though there’s so much more for you in this life. And you would be right. There is. Absolutely there is!

But all of those past habits and patterns, beliefs and thoughts are getting in the way of who you really are.

Who You Really Are Requires Change For The Better

I don’t want this post to be about change because we’re all changing all of the time. It’s a constant. Sometimes for the better and often very slowly, but it’s happening. I don’t think you’re the same person you were as a teenager are you? I’m certainly not.

And the change that takes place in finding who you really are, is about remembering and reconnecting, not about embracing something new. But practicing a forgotten art.

Who you really are is within and it’s being covered by all of those past patterns, memories and beliefs we just spoke about. And once you stop doing those things, then you’ll begin to feel lighter. Then you’ll begin to see things differently and that’s when you move into what we call happiness. You see it’s there, it’s just hidden.

The Path to Who You Really Are

The path to who you really are is moving from headspace to heartspace. I’m going to be the first to tell you that it’s not easy in the beginning as old habits, thoughts and insecurities call you back, constantly hijacking you from around the corner of your mind. But it’s worth the persistence.

Moving from a headspace to a heartspace requires practice, quiet time and meditation but the rewards are great. Your heartspace is where the giving, loving, happy, fun and fulfilled you hangs around. It’s where the laughter replaces the stress and the burdens lift from your shoulders. This is when you begin playing in a different playground and the same rules as before don’t apply anymore.

This is reclaiming who you really are and who you were born to live.