One on One Guidance with the Wisdom of Whitehawk

Whitewhawk channeled by Allan Herring

What you can expect

Higher Guidance
Decision Confirmation
Clarity for your Next Step
New Life Tools
Become more confident

Who or What is Whitehawk?

Whitehawk describes themselves as the non-physical essence of past, present and future wisdom.

They come through Allan Herring so that they may find a physical voice to help you move your life to the next level, no matter what that is for you.

Whether you’re stuck in a job you don’t like, feeling lonely, afraid of the future or maybe floundering without purpose, Whitehawk wants to show you how to find your own direction in life.

There is no need to follow Whitehawk, they aren’t a hierarchy but a loving essence, here to offer support, guidance and tools to empower you when you need them.

Leave your Expectations Behind

Sometimes your expectations can limit what’s available for you

How it works

Buy your session, make an appointment and connect with Allan on Zoom. There you will be introduced to Whitehawk who can bring forth your inner guidance or speak from a Universal perspective.

You get to ask the questions that are important to you, understanding that this knowledge comes from a higher vibration and the answers may not be what you expect. That’s why we ask you to leave expectations behind. Sometimes we can get stuck in the expectation and it can hold us back from something much better.

Coming from a non-physical perspective, Whitehawk does not have the same fears and self-doubt that most of us have and will hardly ever share our opinion on most things.

That makes this wisdom invaluable.

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Make your Appointment

Bring your Questions

What to understand when speaking to non-physical consciousness

Any guidance that is loving and has your best interests at heart will never tell you what to do. We came into this Earth plane knowing and accepting that we have free will and would follow our own guidance to make decisions.
Therefore Whitehawk can help you clarify, can show you how to know when your guidance is speaking and encourages you to make the decisions that best support your highest path.

About Allan

Imagine spending the first part of your life chasing after corporate success, believing that climbing the ladder was the key to happiness. That’s exactly what Allan did until recurring illness forced him to re-evaluate his path. Instead of giving up, he chose a different journey – a journey of healing.

He soon discovered that true healing isn’t just about physical wellness, but about nurturing your emotional and mental well-being as well. With this newfound wisdom, Allan set out to heal past relationships and develop skills for a happy life.

This was a guided journey. He had been listening to the guidance of Whitehawk for many years before he began to separate Geoffrey Whitehawk from his own intuition.

Recently, he was shown a new path, sharing the wisdom of Whitehawk and helping people like you expand their consciousness to include the freedom they yearn for. He eagerly accepted the task.

And has now extended that invitation to you.


Whitehawk is not a person or a being, it’s a collective consciousness