What Happens When The Things You Want Aren’t Coming?

There are ‘things’ we all want. Whether we think it’s right or wrong to have desires or whether our religion thinks we should be happy just to serve others than to want for things, desire is a part of who we are. The things you want in life are a pivotal part of life.

We can’t help but want things

We actually can’t help wanting things. Whether it’s the new car, the pearl earrings or the next series of Danger Mouse on Netflix (Ok I made that one up), we all want things. And it’s not just the material things either.

It’s the happiness for your sister through her marriage break-up, the cure for a mother’s cancer or even a solution for a son’s addiction, it’s all about wanting things. Now, you might think that these things are weighted differently.

For example, isn’t wanting a cure for cancer better than wanting a new car?

What Attracts Things You Want?

The things we want are weighted differently for each and every one of us. And that’s because of how we feel.

When I’m desperately hoping and praying that my young son gets better when he’s sick, I’ve done so from a place of fear. I can feel his pain, his shivers and watch him sweat from the fever and I think of everything that could happen and feel afraid. So I’m desperately pleading to a higher source to help me.

Yet, when I’ve wanted a new car, I’ve done so from a place of enjoying the searching and the comparing. I love the smell of the new car and I know that the right one will come up for me. I’m excited and enjoy the process.

These are completely different experiences but the weight given to them is by me. It’s how I feel about the ‘things’ that brings them into my life or keeps them away.

Desperation pushes the things we want away and joy pulls them towards us. It’s Universal law.

The Things You Want Will Never Stop Coming

Desire is a natural part of who we are. It creates the life force or kundalini that flows through us. In fact, if you stop and think about it, the joy and fun of wanting things is in the conjuring, the imagining and the process of the things you want.

Once we have the new car it’s not as exciting anymore. Once the fever has broken, we feel relieved and move on. The true life force is in the wanting of the things but in a joyous and fun way.

When Should We Expect The Things?

So when should we expect the things to manifest in our lives so that we can see it, feel it and touch it?

There is no timing in this and yet it turns up at the right time. That’s because it’s not about timing but about our growth.

If you were a baby there would be no use giving you a computer but you would love a toy one with bells and whistles. In fact, you might enjoy the packaging a little more than the actual gift.

And the things that you want now are like the computer, you have to grow into them. You may think you’re ready, but if you could imagine yourself with the things you’re asking for, are you the same person that you are now? Or are you that little bit nicer, happier, more understanding, willing to give and to take risks. You actually need to become the person you imagine that has the things that you want. 

It’s an exercise we could all benefit from regularly to keep ourselves on track.

Are you Ready to Receive the Things you Want?

It’s natural for us to look ahead and want something that we aren’t ready for even though we think we are. But how many teenagers think they’re ready to drive a Ferrari? Most of them! And yet with our knowledge we can see that they’re not experienced enough to handle the power and size of a Ferrari and so even if we could afford to get them one, we’d start them with something smaller and more appropriate so that they could grow in confidence.

Have a look at what you want and decide if you’re ready to handle, take responsibility and step into the role that this requires. And if you think you are, then know that it’s coming. But if not, then take the situations and see these as opportunities to become more of who you want to be.

There’s a reason that 98% of the people who win the lottery lose it all within 5 years. They hadn’t become the owners of that abundance. They may have thought they were but they needed to shift their money mindset and become the millionaire BEFORE they had the money.

Growing into the Things You Want

You can begin to use your imagination and see yourself in the role of those things you want in your life now. You get to imagine it, feel it, see it and become that person who owns it. To expand into becoming gracious and grateful. Maybe it’s compassion, love and understanding that’s required. But there is always a requirement for owning the things you want. It’s not a bad requirement, or even a payment. It’s actually a path of growth. Imagine the thing that you want as the reward for the growth it takes to get there. It’s a soul path but it can be difficult on your own.

It always requires change and a shift in both perspective and mind growth. It’s more than mindset because it’s following the path that your future self is calling you towards.

The things you want will always meet you where you are, so if they haven’t arrived yet, please know they are coming. You just need to catch up to them as your dreams now have a mind of their own and they grow too!

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