The message is about enjoying the journey,
and bridging the gap between fear and fun


Who or What is Whitehawk?

Whitehawk describes themselves as the non-physical essence of past, present and future wisdom.

They come through Allan Herring so that they may find a physical voice to help you move your life to the next level, no matter what that is for you.

Whether you’re stuck in a job you don’t like, feeling lonely, afraid of the future or maybe floundering without purpose, Whitehawk wants to show you how to find your own direction in life.

There is no need to follow Whitehawk, they aren’t a hierarchy but a loving essence, here to offer support, guidance and tools to empower you when you need them.

Whitehawk has chosen to become a bridge

to help you go from where you are to where you want to go. Giving you tools to create transformation in your life.

Allan Herring channels Whitehawk
Empowering you on your path
Shining a light on your next step
Defining the questions to ask
Digesting the information & tools
Wrapping you lovingly in worthiness

This co-creative experience brings together the entities of Allan and Gayle plus the non-physical essence that is Whitehawk.

This synergy is ever-expansive.

Meet Allan & Gayle Herring

Down-to-earth Australian parents of 7 children.

Allan has been the conduit for a loving being for a very long time, but over the past 10 years they have come to introduce themselves as a collective essence called Whitehawk. He brings forth their loving wisdom on a daily basis.

Gayle is a spiritual counselor and has an innate wisdom in understanding the messages coming through from Whitehawk. She can translate them into fluent teachings that are easily digested, so that they become a powerful tool for each person to begin living their next level life, no matter where that takes them.

“Your path may not be easy but it is a simple one”