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The 7 Steps on the Road to Renewal


Discover your purpose by what you enjoy doing, what you’d like to contribute to the world and what fills you up. That’s called fulfillment. Discovering your purpose is a process.



You must have passion and excitement around what you want to do. That’s the secret ingredient like fertilizer to your budding shrub. Passion is contagious and can be nurtured.



Clarity gives you a whole new perspective which in turn gives you a direction for your passion and purpose. Your purpose is designed in clarity so that it doesn’t remain a dream.


Inspired Action

Not all action is effective. In fact if you take action when you’re feeling disappointed or angry or frustrated then it will backfire. Inspired action is what yields results and it feels really good.



Look out for the synchronicities, the coincidences in life. It’s in the acknowledgment of these that you gain power and momentum as these are your signals you are on track.



Both spoken and self-talk is the language of the heart. It signals to our brain what we like or want more of. When you change your language you speak and think in a way that supports your purpose.



Your focus is the directional guidance for your life. When you want to follow your purpose, your focus is the tool used to move you in the direction of your purpose. It’s up to you to use your focus wisely.



Things happen that are out of our control often. Sometimes we can feel that things have happened to us, but know that nothing has gone wrong. These things are actually happening for you.

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